The story of MANMACHINES

In the not too distant future an enigmatic, elusive figure known simply as Menschmaschine, creates a new type of hero. Taking the best traits of man and machine, the design is mechanically and biologically engineered..Half Human..Half Man. Made with the sole purpose as a weapon of war, it's aim is to replace the role of humans in difficult and dangerous situations.


The project is titled Manmachine.  They are to serve mankind. No matter what the task.


One day, Menschmaschine realises that these Manmachines have the potential to help humans. He forsees that they can be a substitute for the tasks the humans find too hazardous, dangerous or even too mundane. The project rapidly expands from the original design as a war machine and Manmachines are unleashed into everyday lives. They thrive in roles oftern considered hazardous to human safety such as policing, fire-fighting, rescue services and much more. At the same time they also stand in for humans in more boring tasks such as; driving in rush hour, cleaning, supporting losing sports teams, attending extended family BBQ’s, fighting bad guys(while sober), doing taxes, doing laundry, waiting for wifi connection, dealing to seat kickers on planes, waiting on hold with call centers and so much more..


While still retaining the original designs of war, they then develop numerous character traits and personalities after doing so many of the tasks humans avoid. Implanted with artificial intelligence and attitude to boot, the Manmachines eventually discover a unique time travel portal known as Polygon, that only their half-human, half-machine bodies could withstand the forces of. The first Manmachine to voyage through the time portal is known as Alpha.


To the year 2021 he did go. It was here he saw what civilisation was once like..


Alpha saw humans half-heartedly doing the chores which he was made for. He immediately decided he had to do something about this and save our current generation from these boring, repetitive and dangerous jobs. Alpha lept straight back through the Polygon and explained what he saw to Menschmaschine. He was so taken by Alpha's story he vowed to help by creating 5000 Manmachines to be sent back in save the world.


This is how the Manmachines are a gift from the future.


Use them wisely



Trait type: Background
'Blood', occurrence: 11%
'Blue Ocean',  occurrence: '8%
'Bubblegum',  occurrence: '4%
'Crimson', occurrence: '8%
'Fuschia', occurrence: '8%
'Meadow', occurrence: '12%
'Midnight', occurrence: '4%
'Orchid', occurrence: '12%
'Royal', occurrence: '12%
'Sea Breeze', occurrence: '8%
'Silver', occurrence: '5%
'Tropicana', occurrence: '8%


Trait type: Back
'Drone', occurrence: '9%
'Jetpack', occurrence: '9%
'Multi Arm Tools',  occurrence: '8%
'None', occurrence: '60%
'Rifle', occurrence: '8%
'Stuffed Doll', occurrence: '5%


Trait type: Skintype
'Camo', occurrence: '15%
'Carbon Fibre', occurrence: '7%
'Crash Test Dummy',  occurrence: '4%
'Full Metal', occurrence: '15%
'Normal', occurrence: '30%
'Service Bot', occurrence: '14%
'Tattoo', occurrence: '15%


Trait type: Heart
'Arc Reactor',  occurrence: '6%
'Gears', occurrence: '12%
'LED', occurrence: '18%
'None', occurrence: '28%
'Scar', occurrence: '16%
'Triangle Tattoo', occurrence: '16%
'Ultraman Core', occurrence: '5%


Trait type: Arms
'Black Titanium', occurrence: '8%
'Construction Bot',  occurrence: '20%
'Metal', occurrence: '22%
'Robot', occurrence: '7%
'Service Bot', occurrence: '22%
'Sewn Skin', occurrence: '21%


Trait type: Mouth
'Beard and Moustache', occurrence: '15%
'Cigar', occurrence: '22%
'Cigarette', occurrence: '21%
'CyborgCigar', occurrence: '6%
'Golden Teeth', occurrence: '7%
'Mask', occurrence: '21%
'Sound Bar', occurrence: '8%


Trait type: Eyes
'Cyborg Eyes', occurrence: '27%
'Normal Eyes', occurrence: '48%
'Scars', occurrence: '26%


Trait type: Hats
'Army Cap', occurrence: '15%
'Colored Half Shaved', occurrence: '10%
'Cyber Helmet', occurrence: '5%
'Firefighter Helmet', occurrence: '9%
'Hair', occurrence: '15%
'Headphones', occurrence: '6%
'Hood', occurrence: '5%
'Mullet', occurrence: '15%
'Neon Mohawk', occurrence: '5%
'Police Cap', occurrence: '14%


Trait type: Eye Accessories
'Cyclops Goggles', occurrence: '4%
'Eye Patch', occurrence: '15%
'Futuristic Glasses', occurrence: '8%
'Glasses', occurrence: '15%
'Laser Eyes', occurrence: '4%
'None', occurrence: '55%


the future roadmap

Stage 1
Manmachines backstory discovered

Character creation
Website launch

Instagram account


Stage 2

Discord launch

First 100 nfts launched to Opensea on Polygon

Opening floor price 0.01

Giveaway competition


Stage 3

First 100 sales on Opensea

Extra 900 minted to Opensea on Polygon

Floor price increase to 0.015

Rewards for first early buyers


Stage 4

Another 1000 dropped

Final floor price 0.02

Merchandise shop

Website 2.0 Upgrade


Stage 4

Remaining Manmachines dropped

Final Floor Price increase to 0.025



Once Manmachines are launched we will be heavily involved with our community for input and suggestions. It's only right that humans are involved in the direction that Manmachines will take. The community will be a big driver on the future direction of Manmachines and of any extras we will shape to make these a worthwhile investment. There will be perks and bonuses for owners which will be revealed on our journey. Merchanise will play a role further down the path as well as possible offshoots. Keep checking our discord and our website for Roadmap updates.